UnMode Official Statement



The International non-profit organization "UnMode - Community Movement for Access to Justice" officially announces the cessation of its program activities within the territory of the russian federation. UnMode did not engage in financial activities within russia or with russian counterparts prior to this decision.


Consequently, the acceptance of new members (and active membership within the Organization) physically located within the territory of the russian federation is also discontinued. This decision was made due to unprecedented pressure exerted by russian law enforcement agencies on individual members of UnMode and the Organization as a whole.


The persecution of Organization members by russia's federal security service, the initiation of criminal cases based on fabricated grounds, and regular summons for questioning and "conversations" regarding UnMode's activities, both within and beyond russia, leave us no choice but to prioritize the safety of our now former members.


Irrespective of their legal status, we all remain individuals with an active civic stance, unwavering in our intolerance of human rights violations and possessing experience in defending human rights even within totalitarian regimes.


We are confident that the invaluable experience of russian human rights defenders will find its application in building a new, free russia, where the principles of freedom and independence prevail over imperial ideology.