New group of Ukrainian ex-prisoners in Georgia

Dear friends and partners, we paused in our story about a group of Ukrainian ex-prisoners who arrived in Georgia after being released from the TDCF (Temporary Detention Centers for Foreign Citizens) system in russia.

What has been done:

▪️UnMode representatives met and placed the whole group in a safe place where the guys can recover and start planning their return home. An accompaniment contract was concluded with each of the group, basic needs were collected.

Evgeny, UnMode “We provided a bed linen for everyone, brought food, underwear, hygiene products, sim cards, later phones for those who needed them; we tried to “cover” all the needs that were indicated

▪️One of the most popular questions we get is about the possibility of getting medical help or examination. Our specialists organize it in one of the medical institutions in Tbilisi.

Evgeniy, UnMode “We provided the opportunity for a medical examination to those who needed it, and we also helped with the employment of guys who were interested in this. They showed them and helped to get the contact to the humanitarian aid distribution centers, registered them and they received food kits, clothes. We helped to repaire the tablet of one of the guys, we were organized visits to the state institutions to get the necessary documents for people from the group, including temporary certificates for the possibility of leaving in Ukraine.

Behind the scenes:

These days have become a real challenge for the Tbilisi part of our team and required the mobilization of emotional, physical and material resources. But now, having passed this way, we can confidently declare: the principles and values of UnMode are the force by which we will cope with any challenges.

Despite the difficulties that the team had to face, including the interrogations of the director by the police, the Organization continues to interact with government agencies. Thus, we tell representatives of the local medical, police and judicial systems about the mission and activities of UnMode, establish new channels of work with diplomatic institutions and international human rights organizations.

We continue to support Ukrainians who are in Russian prisons and are looking for resources to help each of them return home. It seems impossible, but in spite of everything, we believe in the power of civil society and in the power of goodness.

Good always and invariably conquers any evil.

If you know Ukrainian citizens in russian prisons or their relatives, please pass on our contacts:

e-mail: unmode.contact@gmail.com

Telegram: +380 633 71 34 37

Signal: +995 591 06 02 55

If you are a lawyer, lawyer, journalist, human rights activist, specialist in the field of HIV infection, tuberculosis, prisoners, refugees, migrants and you have ideas, desires and time to help Ukrainian citizens in Russian prisons - please write to us.