Complaint to the UN Human Rights Committee accepted for consideration

The official complaint that we sent to the UN Human Rights Committee has been accepted for consideration. Here is the response of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the official commentary of the russian federation on this case

“For us, this matter is of fundamental importance, since now hundreds of citizens of Ukraine continue to be in TDFC (Temporary Detention Center for Foreign Citizens) throughout russia. Artemyev's case should raise the issue of lack of access to life-saving treatment in russia's migration prisons. Without this treatment, the HIV+ person will inevitably die. The systemic lack of access to treatment, in essence, is the passive killing by russia of foreigners living with HIV infection, tuberculosis, oncology, and so on. They are doomed to spend months, and sometimes years, in the TDFC without diagnosis and treatment. First of all, the citizens of Ukraine are now vulnerable”, - comments an UnMode specialist.

Recall that Andrey Artemyev, a Ukrainian, was in Togliatti TDFC for more than 7 months without medical assistance. The situation was aggravated by Andrey's complex diseases, including progressive HIV infection.


The day Andrei was released from TDFC, we recorded an interview with him, https://www.facebook.com/UnModeCommunityMovement/videos/1668764096875448/


In this video, we share the story of Andrey Artemyev, one of the many Ukrainian prisoners we accompany. And one of the few who decided to fight against the system to the end, despite the meager chances of achieving justice. We hope this case will be an inspiration for people who find themselves in a similar situation.