There is no way to accept

The lack of access to medical care in general and to adequate medical care in particular, the use of access to medicine as a tool of blackmail and pressure on suspects, accused and convicted in Ukraine is not fake enemy propaganda, but a harsh reality. This is how people are often treated in the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies and the penitentiary system. And this is even at a time when the Ukrainian People are waging a holy defensive war for the right to exist, for humanity, for the future, for their belonging to a civilized society! This state of affairs cannot be reconciled in any way!
Our representative Yanina Stemkovskaya told the international community about such manifestations of medieval savagery in Ukrainian state institutions at the ATHS International Congress.
In her report, Yanina, through concrete examples, updated the problem again and again, pointed out its consistency. "To name correctly means to understand," says a Chinese proverb. Yanina (of course, and on behalf of UnMode) gave the name to this phenomenon – torture!
Realizing the principle of "reject – offer", the representative of UnMode voiced our vision of solving some aspects of this problem. But its full resolution is possible only with the active participation of civil society, the rule of law and requires the presence of political will from the Ukrainian authorities. Giving the problem international publicity, attracting the attention of a civilized society is part of its solution.
We cannot and will not put up with torture and lawlessness in Ukrainian prisons! This problem is the object of our constant close attention and counteraction.