Management audit

In early April 2024, UnMode completed the verification process of the Organization's management systems. The so-called management audit was conducted by our Organization for the first time since its foundation in 2020. It was a very exciting, but very important period - external independent experts studied and evaluated all life support systems, all procedures, policies, personnel documentation, communications and security systems of UnMode. The excitement was due to the fact that our internal structure and all operational processes of the Organization are based on our principles and values, conclusions based on the practical experience of our Organization. Our approach is unchanged - we take from international practice only what can be integrated into our current activities and what will really improve and facilitate the work of each individual employee or Organization's systems. We take into account the best, but create our own.
We are pleased to note that our approaches have been recognized by external experts as a role model!

A quote from the auditors' conclusion:
"It is worth noting that UnMode demonstrates a reliable and well-structured organizational structure. The organization demonstrates a high level of compliance with established rules, policies and ethical standards. A comprehensive review of the manual shows that UnMode has implemented methods that closely comply with industry standards and internal guidelines.
Despite its current size, UnMode carefully documents all procedures and policies, even those that are not currently in use. Although these documents may not be actively used at the moment, they serve as a basis for future expansion and regulatory compliance. Through the implementation of these protocols, UnMode demonstrates foresight and readiness for future growth and operational challenges.
Although the evaluation identified areas where there is potential for improvement, it should be noted that these recommendations do not point to the main shortcomings, but rather to suggestions for improvement and improvement. UnMode's commitment to legal compliance, employee welfare, and continuous improvement is evident in all of its policies and procedures.
The strategic focus of the organization on the harmonization of decision-making processes, communication channels and performance assessment systems contributes to the creation of a holistic and effective operating environment. The introduction of feedback mechanisms and adaptation strategies in response to changing circumstances once again highlights the adaptability of UnMode and the pursuit of excellence.
Overall, UnMode is a model for organizations seeking to maintain high standards of governance, transparency, and employee satisfaction. Thanks to its adaptability and commitment to best practices, UnMode has every chance of sustained success as it continues to grow and evolve in the future."

The full text of the audit report on the results of the audit of the UnMode management systems can be found at the link