Over 10 months in the Center for Temporary Accommodation of Foreign Citizens without any prospects!

Ready to declare a hunger strike - over 10 months in the Center for Temporary Accommodation of Foreign Citizens (ЦВСИГ) (Center for Temporary Detention of Foreign Citizens of russia) without any prospects! ‼️‼️‼️ PEOPLE WANT TO SPEAK ON CAMERA!

????Location: Center for Temporary Accommodation of Foreign Citizens, Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of russia for the Gulkivichsky District of krasnodar krai, 5 School Street.

UnMode Statement

For over ten months, around 30 Ukrainian citizens have been in the Center for Temporary Accommodation of Foreign Citizens in the krasnodar krai of russia, without the possibility of being legally transported to the borders of third countries for their return to Ukraine.

The individuals themselves reached out to our human rights defenders and asked for help! Desperate due to the prolonged delay in their return to Ukraine, they are ready to announce a MASS HUNGER STRIKE! Ukrainians want to share their problem with JOURNALISTS!

According to information from the individuals, about a month ago, a checkpoint in the Belgorod region of russia resumed operation, and they are requesting to be deported through that checkpoint. The administration of the Center for Temporary Accommodation of Foreign Citizens completely ignores the requests and appeals of the Ukrainians for legal deportation, not assisting with appeals to the prosecutor's office and personal appeals to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. Thus, the fate of over 30 Ukrainian detainees in the Center is in limbo!

Reminder: In the fall of 2022, over 2500 Ukrainians who were in penitentiary institutions of the temporarily occupied Kherson region of Ukraine were transported by russian special services to russia through Crimea. After serving their sentences, released Ukrainians are indefinitely transferred to local Centers for Temporary Accommodation of Foreign Citizens. Currently, there is no unified mechanism for deporting such individuals.

We continue to support Ukrainians who are in prisons in russia and seek resources to help each of them return home. It may seem impossible, but despite everything, we believe in the power of civil society and the power of goodness.

Goodness always and invariably triumphs over any evil.

If you know Ukrainian citizens in russian prisons or their relatives, please pass on our contacts:

Email: unmode.contact@gmail.com Telegram: +380 633 71 34 37 Signal: +995 591 06 02 55

If you are a lawyer, legal expert, journalist, human rights defender, or specialist in the field of HIV infection, tuberculosis, prisoners, refugees, migrants, and if you have ideas, willingness, and time to help Ukrainian citizens in russian prisons, please write to us.